“Friends of Mineralogy of New Jersey is the NJ Chapter of the national Friends of Mineralogy organization whose objective is to promote, support, protect, and expand the collecting of mineral specimens, while furthering the recognition of the scientific, economic, and aesthetic value of minerals and mineral collecting.”

Club Meetings

Our club meetings are held monthly and feature a guest speaker, as well as fellowship with like minded collectors.

Field Trips

Field trips are for club members only. We go on several trips a year in surrounding states. Be sure to join so you don't miss out

Rock Shows

There are a number of rock shows in the area. Check back regularly to stay up to date with upcoming shows

Past Events

Nov 8, 2022

Sterling Hill Recent Projects

Club Business:  ELECTION for 2023 Club officers - in person and via ZOOM
Current proposed Slate of Officers:
Candidate for President position - Ryan Klockner
Candidate for 1st Vice Pres. position - Dave "Groundhog" Shapiro
Candidate for 2nd Vice Pres. position - Sherry Moore
Candidate for Treasurer (continued service) - Ken Jasko
Candidate for Secretary - Julia Chien
Candidate for FM-NJ Board of Directors - KC Dalby
Candidate for Chair of Field Trip Committee - Dave "Groundhog" Shapiro
Candidate for Chair of Webmaster Committee - Ryan Klockner

Special Meeting Features:
- "Mineral Mayhem" specimen Raffle - win some excellent specimens at just 1 $ / Ticket !!
- PIZZAS and Refreshments (Pizzas to arrive roughly 6:50 pm)

Excellent opportunity to show your continued support of and participation in, the Friends of Mineralogy NJ Chapter by RENEWING YOUR DUES !!  Cash OR Check works !!  For those of you that cannot attend in person and still need to renew your FM-NJ Dues, send dues $$ to this address:

Friends of Mineralogy NJ Chapter - Membership
172 Taylors Mills Rd.  
Manalapan, NJ  07726

*** Regarding the ELECTION and proposed Slate of Officers - members may still nominate themselves or another member for the Officer positions - let Groundhog Dave or another Board Member know if you wish to do so !! DEADLINE FOR ADDITIONAL NOMINATIONS / PROPOSALS:  Tues Nov 8, 5:00 pm **

STAY TUNED for more info and ZOOM Link on the Meeting and other Club info !! PLEASE see the below email, which Friends NJ's own current 1st VP Dan "the Photog" Sackerman constructed, to emphasize the AWESOMENESS and high quality of Bill Kroth's presentation !!  


I attended a Meeting that Bill gave a Presentation on the removal of the Giant Slab from the Sterling Mine in Ogdensburg for Display at  the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Bill explained the entire process of removing the large Slab and all of the prep and logistics involved..  It was fascinating!!!

I’d like to urge ALL of Our Members to come to this Meeting for Bill Kroth’s Presentation

Nov 5, 2022

Sterling Hill Afternoon/Night Dig

Sterling Hill Mining Museum grounds   30 Plant St.  Ogdensburg, NJ  07439.  Collecting will be available on the Mine Run Dump and Worldwide Piles, and in the back Pit and Saddle areas / piles.  This will be a pay per poundage dig, Sterling Hill’s normal rate.  You must sign in with Ron Schulz and Groundhog Dave, and before leaving, you must get your BUCKETS weighed and pay your poundage collected.  Variety of Fluorescent and Non-fluorescent / Daylight specimens found in all locations, most from Ogdensburg and nearby Franklin, NJ.  World Famous locality for Fluorescents of the Zinc Orebody and Franklin Marble !!      

Age Restriction: 10 y.o. +

Date:  Sat. Nov 5

Meet-Up / Sign-Up Time: 4:00 pm (Trip starts very shortly after meet-up time)

Meeting Place: Sterling Hill Mining Museum - Pavilion   30 Plant St.  Ogdensburg, NJ  07439.  This address can be used for GPS purposes.  Meet at / outside the Pavilion initially, for sign-in with Trip Leader, Groundhog Dave.  

Cost: Ron Schulz will announce the poundage fee the day of the trip.
Trip Notes: Dig times will be shortly after 4:00 pm sign-in to 10:00 pm at latest.  Please be on time for the 4:00 pm meet-up.   There is plenty of parking, so no need to concern with carpooling.  NOTE:  PLAN TO BRING FOOD FOR DINNER; You may leave early to get dinner and return, but you MUST check in and out with Dave or Ron Schulz.  By 10:00 pm, everyone must vacate the premises.

Oct 29, 2022

National Limestone Quarries

National Limestone Quarries at Middleburg and Mt Pleasant Mills.     

1st Location - Middleburg Quarry Office – 3499 Quarry Rd.  Middleburg, PA 17842. 

2nd Location (GPS) – Mount Pleasant Mills Quarry – 100 Quarry Rd.  Mount Pleasant Mills, PA  17853.   


****  unlimited attendance   ****

Meet-Up Time: 9:45 am  SHARP

Meeting Place:  Middleburg Quarry Office – 3499 Quarry Rd.  Middleburg, PA 17842.  Printed directions to 2nd location will be handed out at Office, but strongly advise GPS usage as well.  Address of 2nd location is (for GPS): 100 Quarry Rd.  Mount Pleasant Mills, PA  17853.  Printed directions to Jim Van Fleet's place will be handed out at Office, but strongly advise GPS usage as well. 

Jim Van Fleet's Address:  222 Market St. Mifflinburg, PA 17844

Trip Notes:  CARPOOLING IS ENCOURAGED!!  Collecting at Middleburg Quarry will be approximately 10am to 1pm, at which time we head over to Mount Pleasant Mills Quarry.  We are there till 4pm.  THEN, we head to Jim Van Fleet’s residence for his OUTSTANDING COOKOUT / BBQ and FREE garage specimen collecting, in nearby Mifflinburg PA!!  ALL ARE INVITED TO ATTEND !!!


Bring: WATER, LUNCH / SNACK, rock hammer, chisels, sledgehammer, buckets, newspaper, backpack pry bars, Sunscreen, Shovel, Bug spray

Hard Hats Are Required

Proper safety gear is required on ALL trips (Glasses, sturdy footwear, Gloves).

EVERYONE will be required to sign Hold Harmless Agreement / Attendance Sheet.  

Address of Ard’s Farm Market :  4803 Old Turnpike Rd.  Lewisburg, PA 17837


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