National Limestone Quarry Commemorative Plaque

by Ryan Klockner on 11/28/2022

The North Jersey Mineralogical Society (NoJMS), along with the Friends of Mineralogy NJ Chapter (FM-NJ), recently had a Club highlight on one of the recent Field Trip outings. On Sat Oct 29, the Clubs presented Eric Stahl of National Limestone Quarries, with a commemorative plaque of appreciation.  For easily over 10 years, Eric and the folks at NLQ have allowed our clubs to visit and collect at the Middleburg and Mt. Pleasant Mills Quarries.  Eric has also periodically communicated to us when local blasting has revealed coveted mineralization including Celestine, Strontianite, Wavellite, Calcite and other associated minerals.  Additionally, he has had his son and other Staff assist us with mechanical devices and equipment to break up huge limestone bounders. 

A routine service that Eric offers, which has come to be expected over time, is his unique briefing prior to each start of the dig day.  He stresses the importance of quarry safety through delivering his unique message which segues into a Sermon of sorts, reflecting his Christian background. 

Our clubs have always made an effort to share or compensate Eric with some unique minerals of our won, and this is always appreciated.  The presentation of this plaque is simply a more formalized way to show our appreciation for Eric and the NLQ Staff allowing us to enjoy visits to their quarries year after year.